The Ring Alarm Contact Sensor ensures that all doors and windows in your home are securely closed when your security system is armed. This revolutionary contact sensor pairs seamlessly with the Ring Alarm Base Station, allowing you to monitor and control access points at any time via the free Ring App.

The Contact Sensor is designed to fit standard door frames, making installation incredibly simple. It can be mounted directly onto a door or window frame without ever having to drill into the surface – perfect for those who want to avoid any kind of damage or disruption during installation. The device’s small size also makes it nearly undetectable and easy to hide away if desired.

In addition to helping secure your home, this device also comes with some unique features that make it stand out from other contact sensors on the market today. Its two-way audio allows you to talk to visitors at the door even when you’re away from home – just connect a compatible speaker and microphone! The built-in motion detector will also send alerts directly to your phone if any activity is detected around an open or closed door or window.

The Ring Alarm Contact Sensor works in tandem with other devices in the Ring family, such as motion detectors and keypads, so you get peace of mind knowing that everything is connected together for total coverage around your property. And with its affordable price tag, it’s an ideal choice for those looking for reliable and budget-friendly home security solutions!